"I just want to give a giant kudos to this tech-marvel you guys have created. Over a few hours we managed to deploy 19 devices for super urgent delivery. All domain joined without any remote access, all updated with firmware and OS Drivers, prepared with user specific settings before the users even signed on. The little 'hands on' we needed to have with the devices is beyond incredible.

The versatility and the near instant feedback it provides is so valuable. As someone who has spent the better half of 2 years using Intune for deployments, ImmyBot is a breath of fresh air.

We see so much potential in this tool, and the commitment you guys have to the MSP community is truly inspiring."

Noah Bock, Fiks it A/S

"Immy has filled a functional gap in our existing tools and has been a huge win for our firm.  It has been particularly useful with Office to M365 migrations and challenging applications like AutoDesk and Revit. The application catalog and modular building blocks allow us to respond quickly to client requests.  We could not live without Immy at this point!"

Ed Fries, Factory IT

"Ericom purchased ImmyBot’s platform to solve a unique problem that most organizations face, third party patching. Whilst Immy was not initially designed for this task, it’s executed brilliantly. Ericom now manages software updates for over 80 third party applications with minimal intervention. Through ImmyBot’s unique coding platform, Ericom utilizes dynamic updating rules to pull the version from the vendor website, identify the existing version, and if the existing version is below the latest, ImmyBot updates it.

ImmyBot single handedly has reduced our vulnerability count by over 70% and is now a key measure in protecting Ericom as a Managed Service provider. We now sell this service to our customers. Well done Darren and team!"

Bryce Neilsen, Ericom

"Thank you for making ImmyBot. I had to use Automate today and wanted to gouge my eyes out. So slow. You guys and Lifecycle Insights are 2 vendors I'm really happy to pay… Oh and Huntress."

William Pote, eTop Technology, Inc.

"I was sold on the idea of ImmyBot as soon I came across them. Scalable, Multi-tenant desired state configuration is something I have always dreamed of, and the folks at Immy have delivered that dream to me in an easy to use package. With Immy, not only are we able to easily onboard new devices that are setup consistently, we have been able to deploy new software to some of our larger customers at a moment's notice. Everybody wins."

Mason Feuhrer, ERGOS Technology Partners, Inc.

"While I've got a lot to learn, I just want to say I’m in love with ImmyBot.

There are little things that annoy me with other platforms - e.g. renaming something and the change not reflecting live requiring you to refresh the page. I just renamed a test VM and was about to refresh when suddenly, it updated! You have it so polished and think of the little things! I connected Control and had a moment of panic when I thought it was deploying agents, but I realized what it was doing and I'm just amazed. You seem to integrate and connect better to Control than Automate and Manage do!

I wanted to write a very lightweight/entry level RMM that covered some basic areas to fill gaps for the companies I consult with. After seeing what you have done, you pretty much have that and a hell of a lot more."

William Hilsum,  EZPC Limited

Install & Configure

Install and configure VPN profiles, server names, shared paths, and user preferences in both existing and new environments to ensure homogeneity.

Over 1100 Applications & Counting

Stop writing the same scripts as every other MSP.  Focus on the things that matter.

Use Your Existing Agents

No need to install ImmyBot's agent to manage existing computers.

Supported Agents:

ConnectWise Automate

ConnectWise Control


Deliver Software to the People that Need It

ImmyBot automatically learns what computers people use. This allows you to deploy software based on user groups like Teams in Microsoft Teams or Security group synced from on-premise Active Directory.

In addition to Office apps, ImmyBot automatically installs the other Microsoft products users are licensed for like Visio and Project


Have you already invested countless hours in custom scripts? ImmyBot’s script editor brings VS Code’s Intellisense, Code Formatting, and Script Analyzer to the web. Bring your own scripts and build on top of ImmyBot's high performance scripting engine and helper functions library.

Powershell Script Editor

From The Creator

As computer engineering grads turned MSP owner, we simply couldn't find a quality automation tool for MSPs. Once I got more involved with the community, it became obvious that we’re all struggling to solve the same problems: New Computer Setup and Stack Homogeneity.

ImmyBot has a curated global repository with hundreds of pieces of software, most of which can’t be found in Chocolatey because they are larger packages, like Quickbooks, and AutoDesk, that require licenses and special configuration. ImmyBot can handle all these problems and more.

ImmyBot tests everything it does before and after execution. Gone are the days of "fire and forget" shotgun scripts.

ImmyBot installs the latest version of many third party applications and can keep them up-to-date.

ImmyBot has a hierarchal rule system; you can make exceptions for specific customers and individuals.

ImmyBot REQUIRES you to have single sign on. We believe SSO is a basic human right and don’t charge extra for it.

ImmyBot's developers hang out on Slack/Discord to give straightforward answers to your questions.

Schedule A Free Demo

Sign up for your free trial then schedule a demo today and learn why ImmyBot is not just another tool in your stack, but the one MSP tool you’ve been missing.


Do I need a separate USB/Installer per tenant?

No. Create a USB pointing to your own tenant (or create an “Onboarding” tenant) and do not select the Auto-Onboard option. You will change the tenant of the computer on the Onboarding area of the computer after it comes into New Computers.

Will ImmyBot start doing anything without my consent? Like when I save a deployment, will it automatically deploy?

ImmyBot does not deploy anything automatically. You can feel safe saving your Deployments. Deployments document how things SHOULD be. If you want ImmyBot to automatically enforce deployments, you will need the ImmyBot Standard plan which allows you to create schedules.

Think of it like if Group Policy only updated if you manually ran gpupdate /force or otherwise specified a schedule for the gpupdates to happen. We understand that updating and installing software on existing computers can be intrusive to the user, which is why you schedule these actions out and ImmyBot gives the user the ability to postpone via interactive emails.

*IMPORTANT: If you setup integration with your RMM, when you map an RMM client to an ImmyBot tenant, ImmyBot will begin running inventory scripts on those machines every 24 hours. These scripts are read-only. If you have aggressive monitoring software, it may cause false alarms.

What if I don’t know which user will be using the computer?

Do your best to find out, or assign machines to specific users ahead of time. Without this, user level customizations are impossible. If you find yourself in a shared-computer scenario, where every computer gets the same 365 applications, create a deployment for the 365 applications for all computers under that tenant.

Can Immy join AzureAD?

Yes. Create a deployment for the Join AzureAD task. ImmyBot uses the bulk enrollment technique and generates a provisioning package to join the machine to AzureAD. At the time of writing, this requires you to create a user in each customer’s tenant. We plan to remove this requirement in the future.

Can Immy help migrate my customers to AzureAD from On-Premises environments?

Yes, ImmyBot's Directory Migration task migrates profiles and joins Azure AD. It no longer requires the use of a third-party profile migration utility. It can even migrate Active Directory to Active Directory, Azure AD to Azure AD and Azure AD to Active Directory.