ImmyBot vs Intune

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Darren Kattan
11 Jan 2023
5 min read


So, you just picked up a new client. AWESOME! They have a host of applications they need installed and maintained on all their systems. Plus certain edge case users that need special attention. No big deal. You’ve installed all these applications before with Intune for other customers. It’s not a problem.

You’ll just need to:

  • Setup A New Intune Instance
  • Configure that Intune Instance for that customer
  • Find the software installers for all the software needed
  • Package the installer
  • Load the installer package into Intune
  • “Configure” the installation
  • Set up dependancies or supersedences as needed
  • Tell Intune which user(s)/group(s) get this software
  • Deploy
  • Wait
  • Check
  • Wait some more because it didn’t kick off after deploying
  • Check again
  • ????
  • Fix bugs/errors
  • ????
  • Check Again
  • Installed!

You’ve done this all before. It’s not new.

Instead lets look at the ImmyBot solution:

  1. Select the “cross tenant” option in your configuration.
  2. Tell Immy to deploy to the correct group(s)/user(s)
  3. Deploy
  4. Check and solve errors in realtime.
  5. Done.

Lets face it. These enterprise solutions weren’t made for an MSP. They were made for a corporate setting with an internal IT department that runs over anytime someone can’t find the mouse on their screen. It works great for those use cases or someone with one or two clients, but you’ll waste time redoing the same thing over and over ad nauseam.

ImmyBot will:

  • Save you time
  • Give you real-time deployments
  • Schedule Enforcement Policies
  • Works for Multi-Tenants
  • Actually CONFIGURES the software
  • Handles Software Licenses


Many Immy customers do still use Intune to enforce settings such as power options. We suggest to those customers to have Intune install ImmyBot and then let ImmyBot handle your software deployments, enforcement policies, and maintaining these systems saving you time.

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