Deploy New Computers In Minutes

All MSP’s are doing the same work. All of us are installing Microsoft 365. All of us are installing our RMM tool. All of us are installing our clients line of business tools. All of us are keeping Acrobat Reader up to date. All of us are making sure Bing is not the default search engine provider in Microsoft Edge.

Instead of all of us waisting all this time, we have a better solution. Use ImmyBot to onboard your new computers. It’s fast, user friendly, and will save you tons of time.

Take a look at how quick and easy it is to get started onboarding new computers with ImmyBot.

Step 1

Download the ImmyBot Agent. You only need to do this one time, ever. Download the agent and save it to a removable USB drive and keep it on your technician’s workbench.We do not require an agent to onboard existing computers, but we do require our agent to setup new computers so we can bundle preferences like wireless credentials. You can remove our agent after setup is complete.

Step 2

Select which software needs to be deployed. We have hundreds of software packages ready to install out the box. Immy also has additional recommended deployments that are pre-configured for the most common setups.

Step 3

Onboard. No more endless waiting and refreshing to see if your RMM has finally started pushing out your deployments. When you tell ImmyBot to onboard the computer, you will see it happening immediately, live in ImmyBot. ImmyBot Will Restart Your Computer!

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